We are the biggest Vinagrin Company supplier, pitaya fruit supplier.

Starting in growing up and supplying dragon fruit for Vietnam domestic market and China market by truck, with a great ambition of bringing out Vinagrin Company or other name: Vietnam pitaya fruit to customers all over the world.

Packinghouse, combining with Cold storage, is located in Binh Thuan and Long An Province, Vietnam, the centrals of Vinagrin Company area. It’s our pleasure to provide customers with the best products in order to step by step create good reputation as well as our own trademark.

Our business strategy is based on win-win cooperation. Not only do we care about our customer, we also usually make efforts to fulfill customers’ requirements. Besides, we focus on developing our facility, for example, big Packing house helps us to pack more than 200 tons/day of high-quality dragon fruit, and good Cold storage keep them always fresh and new.

At the moment, we are exporting to Asian countries, China and even strict market like Canada. Having rich experience in supplying dragon fruit, with a dynamic, creative and hardworking team… we are one of the biggest dragon fruit supplier, we believe to give our customer best service as well as products.

Besides collaborating with farmers to expand cultivated land and to improve the quality of products, we also enhance the capacity of packinghouse and cold storage to meet market’s demand for Vietnam piyata fruit.

Our mission is to introduce and distribute Vinagrin Company to global friends, and this kind of product will not only help those partners more successful but also bring Vietnamese farmers happiness as well as pride.